Build Over Agreement Thames Water Guidance

Nor will we allow pumps, superstructures or remote channels to be built. How is sewer and sewer ownership determined? The property that starts the flow race is called the “race head.” This pipe is private. Once the tube crosses the border into the sdrittland, it becomes a “side runoff.” As soon as the second property connects to the lateral flow, the pipe becomes a “public channel.” All sewers and sewers built prior to July 1, 2011 and connected to our system are part of the public sewer system, which is owned by Thames Water and maintained by Thames Water. There are different applications for different sizes of sewers. Class 1 1,160mm diameter or small (indoor/commercial) class 2,160 – 375mm diameter Class 3 greater than 375mm diameter For all classes except internally, we must conduct a closed circuit survey (CCTV) before starting work to determine if repair work is required. Further investigation is required when your building is completed to verify that the sewers have not been damaged. If you have not obtained our agreement, we may, in certain circumstances, request that you stop your work and that buildings built above public sewers should be demolished. We encourage you to contact us at an early stage to avoid any delays or other problems. Once you are ready to submit, there are two types of applications. The first is a request for a self-certified build over agreement, but Thames Water will only grant you this which will allow you to confirm that your plans are low risk for pipes.

It`s worth a try as it`s free. If you do not comply with the terms of the self-certified agreement, you must apply for an approved construction agreement that includes a tax at Thames Water. For this application, you need to know the diameter of your outputs. The real estate search you did (mentioned above) will tell you, or your owner can tell you at any time if you started on the spot and discovered the exits. They also need a implementation plan, a section plan, and existing and proposed plans.