Sample Government Telework Agreement

In addition, refusal or dismissal should include information on when the employee can reapply and, if so, what steps the employee should take to improve the employee`s chances of approval. Denials should be provided in time. Executives should also review the Agency`s collective agreements and telework policies to ensure they meet all applicable requirements. The following basic steps help maximize the benefits of telecommuting for you and your working group, minimize potential administrative burdens and create the conditions for your employees to succeed. Managers and line managers should strive to use telework as much as possible if federal telework programs are to be successful. The success of an organization`s telework program depends on the regular and routine use of employees at all levels. Experience is the only way to enable managers, staff, IT support and other stakeholders to use technologies, devices, communication, workflows and related issues that can hinder the transparency of telecommuting. People expected or expected to telework in an emergency, including managers and superiors, should be encouraged to telework with some frequency in the event of a non-emergency. Managers and superiors should set themselves the goal of regularly participating in telework in order to lead by example and to become familiar with the dynamism of management in a telework environment. Executives should familiarize themselves and their employees with their agency`s policy, including existing collective agreements, to ensure that they meet their requirements. In addition, all agencies should have guidance on information systems and technology security, and managers must ensure that their equipment selection and telework agreements comply with these guidelines. Information security covers the protection of confidential “documentation documents” files and documents.

The law requires every teleworker and his supervisor to enter into a written telework agreement for any type of telework, whether the employee is regularly teleworking or not. For example, a written telework agreement is required for an employee who works regularly once a week and for an employee who is only allowed to work once a year.