Wioa Worksite Agreement

This agreement will be concluded and concluded between Workforce Alliance, the program operator for the Pocono Counties Workforce Investment Area, and the company listed below in the Pocono Count Workforceies investment area. Compliance with federal, regional and local child labour laws is the responsibility of the site. Construction sites are responsible for all fines and/or penalties related to violations of federal, state and local child labour laws. Ensure adequate accountability for participants` time and participation by maintaining accurate weekly time and attendance records for all participants assigned to the site. Accurate time and attendance records must contain children`s registration and call records per day, which are completed by participants. Participants` working time tables must be submitted weekly, as requested by workforce Alliance (Monday after the end of the pay period) and signed by the supervisor and participant to verify the accuracy of the working time tables. Working time tables must be scanned on [email protected] or faxed to (570) 616-0300 or deposited in the Alliance Honesdale workforce office. You will receive an email confirmation from Workforce Alliance once the working time tables have been received. The project is committed to enabling workforce Alliance to allow any participant who needs it to be rehabilitated on-site or off-site.

To prominently post on the site itself, copies of the complaint procedures, anti-discrimination posters, summary of child labour laws, EO poster and list of schedules for all participants under the age of 18. The site ensures that no worker currently employed is superseded by participants who are placed under this agreement, including partial travel, such as. B reduction in non-employment hours, wages or employment benefits. In addition, the site ensures that no jobs will be created in an advertising line that somehow violates the advertising opportunities of those currently employed. provide, where possible, other sites and/or activities to participants assigned to outdoor construction sites due to bad weather. The terms of this agreement depend on wiOA funding from the Bureau of Workforce Development Partnership. In order to inform Workforce Alliance of any involvement issues, outstanding work disputes, claims or any other condition that may affect compliance with this contract in a timely manner. The site assumes responsibility for the responsibility coverage of WIOA participants for the hours during which participants work. The employer did not dismiss anyone from the same or equivalent position. The employer did not leave the labour market or result in an involuntary downsizing to fill the vacancy with a WIOA youth participant.

Thank you very much! A CareerLInk representative will contact you shortly. A useful and stimulating work experience for young people under our supervision. These assignments should be relevant to assigned tasks. Cooperation with employees of the Federal, Federal, Workforce Investment Board and Wayne County, who oversee efforts to monitor workers and training professionals. To ensure that participants are paid only for working time or for the time they spend at training activities and that participants are not paid for vacations, sick leave, holidays or lunch breaks. The construction sites are responsible for the timely and accurate monitoring and transmission of weekly working time tables. To provide emergency number and contacts to all participants on site and to ensure that superiors are aware of the location of emergency lists.