Article 3(1)(B) Credit Agreement

(a) the remuneration policy must be consistent with sound and effective risk management, promote it and not encourage risk-taking that goes beyond the creditor`s tolerated risk; (b) In the event of a percentage increase in the value of the immovable property guaranteeing the equity credit agreement and the rate of an inflation index referred to in the agreement, a percentage shall be assumed to be the highest percentage of the central bank`s current target inflation rate or the inflation rate in the EEA State where the property is located at the time of the conclusion of the credit agreement, or 0% if these percentages are negative. 3.- (1) Lenders and credit intermediaries shall require their employees to have an appropriate level of knowledge and skills with respect to “(2A) This paragraph applies to the agreement where (c) a separate credit agreement is entered into in combination with a shared equity credit agreement to obtain the credit. 2. The costs of opening and maintaining a given account, of using a means of payment, both for transactions and for transactions in that account, as well as for other costs related to payment transactions, shall be included in the total cost of credit to the borrower where the opening or maintenance of an account is mandatory in order to obtain credit or obtain it on commercial terms. (c) the person requests the ACF in a manner consistent with the requirements of Article 9 and any requirements laid down in Article 9 for entry in the register; and (b) to acquire or retain an investment product or a private pension product where such a product, which primarily provides retirement income to the investor, is also intended to provide the lender with additional security in the event of default or to accumulate capital for the repayment of credit, for credit service or for pooling resources necessary to obtain credit; or (e) a relevant mortgage intermediary which, in the exercise of EEA law, has established a branch in the United Kingdom and which is not an investment firm, credit institution or insurance intermediary. ».