Staging Services Agreement

A complete form that can be used for online reservations, transportation planning, tours, pickups; with widgets allowing information collection, location services, date-time selection, proposal areas and more. I have two separate home staging contracts. A busy grip at home, customers live in the house, and I would put the pieces in finesse. Then a contract for vacancies. A few years ago, I simplified and combined it. Their first home staging contract was perhaps close to the sophistication of caves – something like: “I stage. You pay. You may have done it by hand. With each transaction, we all learn a little more and this formulation becomes more accurate. Your contract becomes a living document that grows and changes with experience. No! If the house is not fully finished, wait until it is ready before bringing your inventory. Which brings us to the next point: 2. 72 hours of notification are required for de-staging or a fee of $_____ is charged. Your emergency is not your emergency! If you allow your customers to believe that it is normal to let you know at 4:30 p.m.

that the house will close tomorrow morning, do you guess when they will inform you each time? Set clear boundaries, and then you`ll have the flexibility to expand grace if you wish…….