Stockist Agreement India

11. The rights conferred by this contract may not be assigned or transferred to another person without the prior written consent of the procuring entity. (14) Either Party may denounce this Agreement by signing a period of three months to the other Party. Invoices between the parties are definitively settled and adjusted within the aforementioned period of three months. 13. The dealer guarantees a minimum sale of a value of Rs. ……. per year. In the event of failure of the sale of 25% or more for two consecutive years, the contracting authorities may terminate this contract. (16) In the event of a dispute between the parties adcoming from or in connection with the agreement, it shall be referred to the exclusive arbitration procedure of an arbitrator who may be appointed by mutual agreement between the parties. The proceedings initiated by the arbitrator when awarding the award are in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 or an amendment thereto. The arbitrator`s arbitral award is final and binding on the parties. 15.

On the expiry or earlier of this contract, the distributor shall immediately supply the contracting authorities with all stocks of unsold goods, all books of accounts and other documents of the principals and pay the contracting entities for the lack or absence of stocks at list prices, less the commissions granted to the trader. (17) This Agreement is executed in duplicate. The original is kept by the principals and the duplicate of the distributor. Thank you, for example. I will use it. Now it`s here by agreement between the parties like Sous: I think thank you for the valuable information and information you have provided here. Event-Lanyard 9. The products delivered by the contracting entities shall be the property of the contracting authorities and shall be authorised to take possession of those products at any time.

The trader keeps records of the stocks he received, the goods he sold and which were in stock in godown and showroom. Contracting authorities shall have the right to carry out, without prior notice, a stock check of the products of the undertaking which they deliver and in the event of a defect or defect. . . .