My Workflow

Here is How I Work - First Meeting and Pre Production

First of all we will have an interview in which we will have a first approach and know each other. 

I will listen. You will tell me your ideas and I will make you vital questions that will enable me to understand the needed whats and whys..

You will need to select which services you need between: Film Creation, Motion Graphics, Photography, Digital Marketing or website creation. 

With this I will create a map of ideas which will frame a horizon of feasible possibilities. 

Once selected the first ideas, negotiated the mix service plan and the available budget we will start the Pre Production process.

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Pre Production

The least important things, sometimes my dear boy, lead to the greatest discoveries. Excellent. Blow up that vehicle. The waves of time wash us all clean. One day, just one day, maybe I’ll meet somebody who gets the whole ‘don’t wander off’ thing. People assume that time is a strict progression of cause-and-effect… but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff. Dreams are important…never underestimate them. Please just… just see me.


This is the part where with the selected budget we organize and plan all the production. 

Its a vital part and takes time selecting locations, creating the proper production script, selecting staff, vestry. 

With good pre production work, theres more probability to reach a succesful production


This part is the execution of the original plan. We like to be ready for all but experience tought us to be opened and flexible to adapt to how things occur. 

In this part its essential to have all the team commited to the main plan and to my diretion in order to get things done. 

I like to work concentrated executing the main things of the plan in order to achieve the planing goals as soon as possible. 

This is not a time to make much changes to the original plan. Its more a time to execute whats already planned. 

Whenever we witness art in a building, we are aware of an energy contained by it.

Arthur Erickson

Post Production

Time to apply all latest tecnologies to enhance audio and still images and videos.  

Color correction and subtitling is one of the last processes in video editing. 

All the editing, processing, organizing material, selecting corresponding music and sound effects, mixing, making transitions, subtitling, creating motion graphics, adapting logos, image processing, all normally takes countless hours. 

Dont be afraid Im very reasonable when valuing my time. 

Render - Deliver work - Final Meetings

Time to review all work done and results. Normally here theres time for small changes but not main changes that alter the invested time and original budget. Main changes can mean a new production budget to be valued. 

The delivery can be by online private sharing like youtube. Remembe main high quality work is achived by original files and reproduced directly from working station and not cloud based. 

This is time for a finall meeting and to value results. 

We are customer focused. Your satisfaction is our main goal. Feedback is appreciated and valued from us. 

And remember if you are satisfied with our work, recommend us. 

How Long Does It Takes?

Well, there's a probability of anything. Statistically speaking, if you gave typewriters to a treeful of monkeys, they'd eventually produce the works of William Shakespeare.

What Is the Cost of the Project?

You've had this place redecorated, haven't you? Hmm, don't like it. That could blow a hole in the space-time continuum, the size of—actually, the exact size of Belgium. That's a bit undramatic, isn't it?

I Want Something Similar

Jo, you’ve got all the time in the world… and all the space. I'm offering them to you. Grace, I came back to life before your eyes.